Everyday learning

We aim to be a best-in-class learning organization so that employees can excel in their careers and contribute to the business. Our "Everyday Learning" model consists of on-the-job learning, collaboration forums, and formal training. This approach supports various learning styles, which makes development easier for employees.

Competence in focus

Both technical and non-technical critical employee skill gaps are identified through a rigorous annual process. Our structured formal and on-the-job training programs build competence in emerging technology areas as in sales, services and product development. Every employee has clearly defined development goals that are reviewed through out the year. In 2015 we closed over 99% of the identified targeted employee critical competence gaps through training.

Taking learning virtual

People learn on the go; we offer blended learning, including crowd sourcing, discussion forums, and video sharing. Collaboration and knowledge management is driven across the company, for example, through video learning on the Ericsson Play channel, accessible via mobile devices. The Ericsson Academy Virtual Campus offers learning on a wide variety of topics. Learning virtually not only saves time and costs, but has an environmental benefit. An analysis of a single large R&D talk event held virtually instead of face-toface showed that employees avoided total travel of over 550,000 km, with carbon emissions savings of 80,000 kg of CO2.

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