Diversity and inclusion are strategic to our business. A workforce with a broad range of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences drives innovation and makes the business more resilient. It is a key success factor in an increasingly global, multi-faceted and competitive market.

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Deepening our approach

Reducing inequality is a key focus of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. To build on our diversity and inclusion efforts, in addition to a strong foundation, robust governance structure, and ambitious targets, we continually raise awareness to ensure our strategy is implemented across the organization.

Bina Chaurasia

Bina Chaurasia, Head of Group Function Human Resources, is the ambassador for UN Goal 10 to help raise awareness on ICT’s role.

Our Global Diversity and Inclusion Council has set diversity and inclusion objectives, which are strongly supported by the Executive Leadership Team. This is cascaded to line managers as part of their accountability to lead change. We have reviewed our processes from a diversity and inclusion perspective – such as checking our careers website and job descriptions for gender-neutral language. Diversity and inclusion are a key component of leadership programs.

Getting the balance right

A particular focus for Ericsson is increasing gender diversity. Our 2020 gender diversity target is for 30% of all employees to be female, including leaders and executives. In 2015, 22% of Ericsson employees were female. In addition to our strong focus on gender diversity, we are increasing our efforts to optimize other areas of diversity as well. (Click here for more info on nationality, sexual orientation and disability)

Exploring unconscious bias

One way to further constructive dialogue on inclusion is by raising awareness of unconscious bias. All people harbor unconscious biases as a result of life experiences, culture, background, and exposure. Biases influence decision-making and can affect perceptions and behavior towards others. Our program to address unconscious bias kicked off in 2015, with face-to-face training for business leaders. The aim of the training is to raise awareness about diversity and inclusion; initiating a culture of constructive dialogue around diversity and inclusion, learn about unconscious bias and its impact on decision-making, and help leaders create concrete action plans for their teams. Close to 30% of all Ericsson leaders went through the workshops in 2015. For 2016, our goal is to train an additional 35%.

Sharing our stories

To attract top talent on social media, we promoted our commitment to diversity and inclusion by sharing experiences from our diverse network of employees. In 2015, we ran a number of successful campaigns, including the month-long celebration of Global Diversity Awareness Month that garnered over 7.6 million impressions. Other successful campaigns in 2015 included: International Women's Day, highlighting how female employees are empowered at Ericsson; World Day for Cultural Diversity, sharing what makes employees proud of their cultures; #ILookLikeAnEngineer, challenging gender stereotypes about female engineers; #EricssonDearMe as part of Girls in ICT, sharing advice employees would give to their younger selves; and supporting the UN gender equality campaign, #HeForShe.

Bringing people together

We engage in several external initiatives, like TechWomen which empowers and connects next-generation women leaders from Africa and the Middle East in science, technology engineering and mathematics. In 2015, we co-sponsored the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, the world's largest talent fair of women computer scientists. With hundreds of participating companies, it is crucial to recruiting young and high-achieving women in technology and computing. Click here to read more on organizations and initiatives we engage with.

Enhancing supplier diversity

Ericsson is committed to using minority, women and disabled veteran-led businesses as Ericsson suppliers to build a "best in class" diversity program. Ericsson North America in 2015 continued to build the program, i.e., with a matchmaking event and mentorship program. The program has won the AT&T Supplier Diversity Crystal Award for three consecutive years and was a 2015 winner of America's Top Corporation for Women's Business Enterprises. 88% of employees agree that 'Ericsson has created an environment where people with diverse backgrounds can succeed', and 'employees at Ericsson are treated as individuals, regardless of their job, age, race, gender or physical capabilities' (Annual Employee Survey, 2015).

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