Mobile communications would not be possible without radio waves; however, some people are concerned that radio waves (one form of electromagnetic fields also known as EMF) from mobile phones and base stations may cause health problems. A substantial number of scientific studies conducted by various research bodies have indicated that electromagnetic fields, at levels within the limits prescribed by public health authority safety standards and recommendations, cause no adverse effects to human health.

Even so, we take people’s concerns seriously. Ericsson employs rigid product testing and installation procedures to ensure that radio wave exposure levels from our products and network solutions are below established safety limits. We also support independent research to further knowledge about radio waves and health.

Ericsson provides public information on radio waves and health, and has co-sponsored over 90 studies related to electromagnetic fields, radio waves and health since 1996. Independent expert groups and public health authorities, including the World Health Organization, have reviewed the research and consistently concluded that the balance of evidence does not demonstrate any health effects associated with radio wave exposure from either mobile phones or radio base stations.

Phones & devices

Mobile phones and devices use radio waves at the lowest power level needed to reach the network. The phones are tested for compliance with recommended safety limits expressed as SAR levels. Below the SAR limit, a lower SAR does not mean the phone is safer.

Research on radio waves and health

Extensive research has been made into the possible health effects of radio waves. Overall, the vast majority of studies show no association between radio waves used for mobile communications and health problems. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends more research, and Ericsson is currently co-sponsoring a large study.

Base stations & networks

Base station antennas are installed in such a way that radio-wave exposure in public areas is well below the established safety limits.

Questions & answers

Frequently asked questions about radio waves and health.

Ericsson fact sheets

Ericsson fact sheet: Radio waves and health base stations