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Supplier Occupational Health and Safety Requirements - Amharic

General OHS Requirements

These OHS requirements are applicable for all suppliers

የኤሪክሰን ጠቅላላ አቅራቢ የስራ ቦታ ጤንነት እና ደህንነት ደረጃዎችየ

Specific OHS Requirements

In addition to the Ericsson General Supplier OHS Standards, these Specific OHS Standards are mandatory for Suppliers of Construction, Field Maintenance and Network Roll-Out Services, and for all other Suppliers for which this document is contractually binding. The Standards are recommended for all other suppliers.

የኤሪክሰን ልዩ የአቅራቢ የስራ ጤና እና ደህንነት ደንቦች

Stop Work Authority Process for Suppliers

Ericsson strongly encourages suppliers’ employees and other personnel engaged by suppliers to exercise the Stop Work Authority, or otherwise intervene in a work situation when they, in good faith, believe that they or others are in an immediate danger of suffering a fatality, injury, or illness.

Stop Work Authority

No disciplinary actions or other retaliation (including liability or damage claims) are allowed to be taken against personnel who, in good faith, have exercised the Stop Work Authority.

Please find details in the የአቅራቢዎች ስራ የማቆም ስልጣን አሰራር

Health, Safety and Well-being Supplier Recognition

Ericsson recognizes suppliers’ Good Behavior, Best Practice, or Top Improvement suggestion within the realm of Health, Safety and Well-being. Recognition will be given to the supplier or supplier personnel after Ericsson personnel become aware of the deserving behavior or initiative.

Please find details in the የጤና፣ ምቾት እና ደህንነት የአቅራቢ ማረጋገጫ.

OHS Operational Standards

Where applicable, the Suppliers’ OHS Management System shall as a minimum requirement meet or exceed the standards of Ericsson Group OHS Operational standards listed below.

የኬሚካል ይዘት

የመውጫና የመስሪያ ከፍታዎች

የተወሰነ ስፍራ ግቤት

የግንባታ እና የሲቪል ስራ አስተዳደር

የአሽከርካሪ እና ተሽከርካሪ ደህንነት

አካባቢያዊና ሙያዊ የድምጽ ደረጃ

ለራዲዮ ፍሪክዌንሲ የኤሌክትሮ መግነጢሳዊ መስኮች መጋለጥE

የእሳት መከላከል

ለብቻ የመስራት

የእጅ አያያዝ

የግል መከካልከያ እቃ

ከኢልትሪክ ጋር መስራት

For the Supplier Occupational Health and Safety Requirements in English and other languages please click here.