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ICT's role in reaching this goal

Goal 12 - Responsible consumption and production

By supporting services instead of physical products, ICT is helping reduce energy use as well as material consumption. ICT also supports the reuse, sharing and remanufacturing of products and goods. Key enablers are the dematerialization of certain processes and the collection and processing of data in others; an example of this is the music industry and digital services such as Spotify. In terms of cloud services, studies show that moving to the cloud could dramatically affect resource use, both in material and energy.

Product take-back


In 2016, we entered a partnership with Entel, a leading mobile operator in Chile, to handle e-waste under the global Ericsson Product Take-Back Program. The program covers the collection, decommissioning, transport, storage and disposal of electrical equipment, where 98% of materials are recycled. The partnership enabled take-back of more than 400 tonnes of materials during 2016, in Chile alone.

We are very excited about this new partnership with Ericsson, one of our main network implementation partners, especially because it is aligned to the highest standards in regard to the treatment of recycled materials."

Antonio Büchi, CEO, Entel Chile