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ICT's role in reaching this goal

Goal 16 - Peace and justice

Many fundamental human rights such as the right to health, education, freedom of assembly and freedom of expression are enabled through ICT.

ICT enables more transparency for institutions at all levels.

ICT ensures that citizens can have access to information.

ICT can enable citizens' participation in society allowing them to express their opinion through media, the internet and other channels, keeping them engaged with institutions.

ICT brings increasing transparency to society.

Refugee reconnection


Ericsson is the lead technology partner to Refugees United, a non-profit organization dedicated to help displaced people locate missing family and loved ones. Refugees United mobile platform empowers refugees to reconnect with missing family, by the end of 2016 there were over 600,000 registered users on the Refugees United platform.

600.000+ registered users on the Refugee United platform, seeking to reconnect with missing family and loved ones