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SDG 4: Quality education

SDG 4: "Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all". As the fastest and largest global technology uptake in history, mobile broadband has the potential to positively impact all of the 17 SDGs. While there are considerable challenges to be tackled in achieving this ambitious agenda, the examples of our products, services and solutions demonstrate the role ICT can play in accelerating the achievement of the Global Goals.

ICT's role in reaching this goal

Goal 4 - Quality education

As mobile broadband becomes even more ubiquitous, reaching out to the most remote regions of the world, it offers unparalleled opportunities to transform education. ICT has the power to raise the quality of education by increasing the efficiency of education systems, innovating pedagogical practices, expanding learning and teacher professional development opportunities beyond the limits of schools, and building students' 21st century skills (ITU, 2013).

“Connect to Learn makes education much more inclusive, and we are excited to be able to contribute to bringing this inclusion to South Africa”. – Managing Director, Ericsson South Africa

ICT solutions making an impact

ICT for entrepreneurship, South Africa

ICT for entrepreneurship, South Africa

We set up an ICT center to drive socio-economic development through an eHub with digital resources, training, and mentorship for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. CommsMea recognized the collaboration between Ericsson and The Wot-If Trust with an award for Connecting the Unconnected in November.

ICT scales education for impact

ICT scales education for impact

Connect To Learn (a public-private collaboration by The Earth Institute at Columbia University, Ericsson and Millennium Promise) benefits more than 80,000 students in 23 countries around the world, to date in 2017. Connect to Learn delivers a 21st century ICT learning cloud solution from Ericsson which empowers teachers and gives students access to global resources.

80,000+ students have benefitted from Connect to Learn.

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