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SDG 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure

SDG 9: "Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation". As the fastest and largest global technology uptake in history, mobile broadband has the potential to positively impact all of the 17 SDGs. While there are considerable challenges to be tackled in achieving this ambitious agenda, the examples of our products, services and solutions demonstrate the role ICT can play in accelerating the achievement of the Global Goals.

ICT's role in reaching this goal

Goal 9 - Industry, innovation and infrastructure

ICT is increasingly recognized as a key infrastructure for development and progress. From bringing connectivity to the most remote villages, transforming industries through innovation, to solving pressing challenges around urbanization, ICT can have an impact on every one of the Sustainable Development Goals, and will provide essential infrastructure to help achieve them.

“The innovative Connected Urban Transport solution is a win for the entire traffic ecosystem and its users in the Netherlands. The nationwide cloud platform for traffic data will enable information sharing between roadside and vehicles; with high availability and scalability”. – Ben Kessels, Account Manager Customer Group Industry & Society, Ericsson Netherlands

ICT solutions making an impact

BSC modernization, Brazil

BSC modernization, Brazil

This base station controller, BSC, modernization project with an operator in Brazil has resulted in footprint and rental savings, lower hardware consumption, O&M cost reduction and hardware recycling. The BSC modernization, from HC/HD to EVO controller concept, consolidated 35 cabinets into three.

Building a smart traffic ecosystem

Building a smart traffic ecosystem

The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment set out to maximize traffic flow on existing roads, rails and waterways while avoiding costly investments in new infrastructure. They decided to utilize the cloud and IoT to build a national Intelligent Vehicles and Road Infrastructure (IVRI) system. The Talking Traffic platform utilizes both short- and long-range communication technologies to create a smart traffic ecosystem. Our cloud platform, Connected Urban Transport, serves as the front door of the Dutch infrastructure systems, allowing data to interoperate.

25% of all traffic lights nationwide connected as of August 2017.

10% less road congestion during peak hours.

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