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active-passive 5g antenna on CGI site

Components for the best performing networks

Ericsson Antenna System Catalog 2023

Welcome to the center of the connectivity revolution! In today's fast-paced digital world, antennas are crucial to shaping network efficiency and performance. Our new catalog showcases the importance of antennas in promoting seamless communication. Discover a variety of solutions that will enhance your connectivity experience, including passive antennas, active-passive antennas, antenna line devices, and a full range of antenna system accessories.

In our updated catalog, we feature over 300 products from our portfolio that are available for 2023 and beyond. Our selection comprises efficient and verified components that are tailored to meet the specific requirements of your current and future mobile network. Whether you require stand-alone antennas or complete active-passive solutions, you'll find them all in our product selection. Our solutions cater to diverse use-cases, from rural regions to urban areas.

New Ericsson Antenna System Catalog 2023

Key aspects in the development of our products

A world-leading antenna for every site

Experience connectivity at its peak with our world-leading antennas designed for every site. Empower your network with the best-in-class technology, setting new standards for performance and reliability. Our focus here: 

  • Higher capacity
  • More compact
  • Wider coverage

Gateway to high performing energy efficient networks

Step into the future of connectivity with our cutting-edge technology and elevate your network to new heights – efficiency, precision, and long-term savings, all in one groundbreaking solution that consider.

  • Highly efficient multiband technology
  • Superior beam design and side lobe suppression
  • Enormous TCO savings with long-lifetime solutions

Lowered carbon footprint with fastest and easiest 5G solutions

Embark on the fastest and easiest journey to 5G excellence with our passive and active-passive solutions, paving the way for a seamless upgrade.

  • Highly integrated active + passive solutions
  • Reduced site footprint with ultra-wide low-band antennas
  • Specific solutions for all deployment scenarios

Our solutions follow a sustainable cycle: from sourcing, design, production and transport to an integrated take-back program.


Now it is time...

to discover the details of our latest portfolio solutions.

Download our Catalog 2023

Further insights

How antennas unchain a sustainable network

Achieving the sustainability strategy has become essential for operators. As antenna systems play an important role in a modern mobile communications network, we are setting benchmarks with our portfolio. Not only on the product line by reaching new levels of antenna efficiency. We are also sustainably transforming the entire supply chain process – all the way to the return of end-of-life products.

Pursuing Relentless Efficiency

Every component carrying energy has losses by interaction with its surrounding environment​. Discover how our Antenna-System is minimizing those losses by optimizing design criterion across Ericsson​. 

Ericsson Test Technology Center

With our “state-of-the -art” Test Technology Center we underline our commitment to our customers, that we develop, build, and deliver antennas, with the highest aspiration on quality. Discover, how we make sure to deliver on this. 

Revolutionary wind load reduction

The market for base station antennas is developing very dynamically. To ensure that the demand for growing data transmission capacities is well met, antennas are developed to be more efficient and complex. Make an insight how we are testing on wind load together with our cooperation partner. 

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