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Modern network site in sub-urban environment

Maximizing network impact in North America

Through innovative antenna technology and modernization

Ericsson Antenna System

Uncover the pivotal role of the antenna system in a radio access network, integral to Ericsson's 5G strategy. Our advanced antenna system cater to the demands of modern networks, featuring multiple frequencies and technologies on a single radio site. With a focus on creating effective solutions, we ensure seamless performance in today's complex telecommunications landscape. Explore how our innovative antenna system drive the future of connectivity and support the evolution of 5G technology.

What is an Antenna System?

These innovative solutions enhance network performance and coverage without requiring additional power sources. With seamless integration and efficient design, passive antenna systems optimize signal reception and transmission for superior connectivity. Explore the benefits of passive antenna technology for your network needs today.

We prioritize seamless integration of active systems with classic passive installations for high business potential sites. Anticipating the demands of a fully connected world, we invest heavily in passive antenna technology, ensuring flexibility for continuous upgrades with multiband radios. Our forward-looking approach extends to 6G, where antennas will play a central role in enabling sub-terahertz and centimeter wave spectrums. We're committed to continuous innovation, driving technology advancements such as spectral efficiency, multiband integration, and universal coverage across air, ground, and satellite connectivity. Join us as we shape the future of communication with Ericsson Antenna System.

Limited constraints

  • Add 5G mid band with zero footprint using our massive MIMO integrated Hybrid and Interleaved AIR solutions
  • Highly integrated antennas covering all deployment scenarios and new frequency bands
  • Enable massive site upgrades while keeping legacy form factor

Network Performance

  • Industry leading antenna quality & electrical performance
  • Best-in-class testing facilities and methods
  • Good side lobe suppression and superior PIM for excellent network performance

Operational site costs

  • Lower operational site expenses with improved wind load and lower weight
  • Combined powerful portfolio of industry leading radios and antennas resulting in an end-to-end site optimized solution

At the forefront of the telecommunications industry, the impact of passive antennas extends far beyond their traditional role. Not only do these antennas play a critical role in ensuring efficient network operations and seamless connectivity, but they also have significant implications for sustainability across various stages of their lifecycle.

Driving the sustainable story for operators

  • Production and Delivery by reducing environmental footprint and push efficient supply chain
  • On-time rapid deployment and enhanced efficiency
  • Disposal and end-of-life by responsible material and component selection and available take-back program

Energy efficiency for whole network

  • Optimized performance thanks to adcanced passive antenna technologies
  • Enhanced spectrum utilization while extended antenna developments and design improvements minimize the energy consumption
  • Innovative passive antennas are designed to perform well while using less power, which saves energy and reduces costs.
  • Passive antennas support dynamic energy management as they continuously maintain strong network performance from the antenna.

Passive Antenna

Complete Passive Antenna portfolio with leading performance:

  • Indoor and outdoor antennas with up to 24 ports
  • Hybrid passive/active antenna integration solutions
  • Next-generation portfolio

See our Passive Antenna portfolio


Antenna Line Device

  • Filters to control transmission and reception of wanted and unwanted signals
  • Combiners to reduce the number of needed antennas and feeders
  • Broad portfolio of RF-components to connect radios with antennas
  • A complete range of accessories to create complete and optimized antenna systems
  • Largest installed base of tower mounted amplifiers in the world

See our Antenna Line Device portfolio


Antenna System Accessories

  • Enable various mounting scenarios of antennas & ALDs and support to solve site-individual mounting needs
  • Easy and simple hardware to lower installation and maintenance efforts
  • Portfolio around the RET system and the AISG bus

See our Antenna System Accessories

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In the spotlight

Explore a novel method for boosting network performance

Discover how antenna performance metrics and 3D far-field radiation patterns can revolutionize network efficiency and user experience. Our groundbreaking evaluation method highlights the critical impact of beam efficiency on overall system performance. Download the paper now to learn more and take your network to the next level.

Maximizing network impact in North America

Discover why antennas are crucial for maximizing network impact in North America's 5G landscape. As data traffic soars with new applications, uplink throughput and efficiency become vital. Learn how cutting-edge antenna technology drives performance and keeps North America at the forefront of the 5G revolution. Read more in our latest blog post.

Antennas and 6G: Making perfect sense in a new reality 

Future antenna systems will be crucial to unleashing the full potential of 6G, with global research activities continuing today at a relentless pace and will enable ubiquitous distributed MIMO that unlocks extreme performance, joint communication and sensing that intuitively maps our surrounding, and three-dimensional connectivity that seamlessly merges ground, air and satellite coverage. 

Components for the best performing networks

Our latest catalog showcases the importance of antennas in promoting seamless communication. Discover a variety of solutions that will enhance your connectivity experience, including passive antennas, active-passive antennas, antenna line devices, and a full range of antenna system accessories.

Ericsson Antenna System outperforming its peers

In a recent benchmarking study performed by a leading operator, Ericsson Antenna Systems delivers significantly better energy performance, expansion efficiency and overall cost of ownership, compared to its peers. 

Multi-band antenna in slimmest footprint

Based on our next-generation technology, a new high performing passive antenna extends our comprehensive portfolio. The new wide low-band antennas evolves the 5g network sites with huge impact for service providers and their sustainable footprint.

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