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Antenna in rural environment

Seven tenets of a modern antenna strategy

Complex antenna deployment explained

Ericsson Antenna System

The antenna system is one of the most important areas in a radio access network and a fundamental pillar in the Ericsson 5G strategy. Today's complex antenna systems with multiple frequencies and multiple technologies on the same radio site put great demands on the ability to create effective solutions.

What is an Antenna System?

The antenna system is an integral part and one of the most important areas in a radio access network, impacting the effectiveness of the whole site. The antenna domain is evolving to support even more frequencies and multiple technologies. Powerful networks drive new antenna technology development to provide the needed compact, capacity and coverage.

How do the latest technologies of active, active-passive and passive antennas, antenna line devices antenna system accessories and feeder systems address these challenges? 

Limited constraints

  • Add 5G mid band with zero footprint using our massive MIMO integrated Hybrid and Interleaved AIR solutions
  • Highly integrated antennas covering all deployment scenarios and new frequency bands
  • Enable massive site upgrades while keeping legacy form factor

Network Performance

  • Industry leading antenna quality & electrical performance
  • Best-in-class testing facilities and methods
  • Good side lobe suppression and superior PIM for excellent network performance

Operational site costs

  • Lower operational site expenses with improved wind load and lower weight
  • Combined powerful portfolio of industry leading radios and antennas resulting in an end-to-end site optimized solution

Passive Antenna

Complete Passive Antenna portfolio with leading performance:

  • Indoor and outdoor antennas with up to 24 ports
  • Hybrid passive/active antenna integration solutions
  • Next-generation portfolio

See our Passive Antenna portfolio


Antenna Line Device

  • Filters to control transmission and reception of wanted and unwanted signals
  • Combiners to reduce the number of needed antennas and feeders
  • Broad portfolio of RF-components to connect radios with antennas
  • A complete range of accessories to create complete and optimized antenna systems
  • Largest installed base of tower mounted amplifiers in the world

See our Antenna Line Device portfolio


Antenna System Accessories

  • Enable various mounting scenarios of antennas & ALDs and support to solve site-individual mounting needs
  • Easy and simple hardware to lower installation and maintenance efforts
  • Portfolio around the RET system and the AISG bus

See our Antenna System Accessories

The most capable and energy efficient antenna system there is


Power reduction


Efficiency (MB/kWh)

Untapped energy savings

Untapped potential in power reductions in 700/800/900 MHz layer


DL user throughput


UL user throughput

Additional TCO savings

Through quality, installation simplicity, wind load reductions and supply chain reliability

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In the spotlight

Built up a sustainable and efficient network

Our current product catalog for 2023 is out now. A portfolio collection that shows how easily sustainable and highly efficient network components can be implemented. With more than 300 quality-tested products from our product areas antennas, antenna line devices and antenna accessories.

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Ericsson Antenna System outperforming its peers

In a recent benchmarking study performed by a leading operator, Ericsson Antenna Systems delivers significantly better energy performance, expansion efficiency and overall cost of ownership, compared to its peers. 

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Multi-band antenna in slimmest footprint

Based on our next-generation technology, a new high performing passive antenna extends our comprehensive portfolio. The new wide low-band antennas evolves the 5g network sites with huge impact for service providers and their sustainable footprint.

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How to extend existing site to better network performance?

By expanding the bandwidth in the low-band range down to 600 MHz, the current coverage in rural areas can be significantly improved. Learn more about current solutions for a high-performance network. With our latest products, it is easy to optimally adapt existing sites to modern network requirements.

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High-quality antenna systems matter

The performance of the components in the antenna system ultimately determines the effectiveness of the radio site, while a poor antenna system can severely reduce the radio network performance. With the increasing demands brought by the introduction of 5G, service providers should consider issues like radio frequency performance, mechanical failure and material aging or evolution and performance issues like challenges when adding bands, increased number of radio frequency connectors or network performance.

Helping you build the most efficient and best performing network

The telecom industry plays a huge responsibility keeping people and businesses connected. Our technology, support and presence are ready to support your network deployment strategy.

With one of the strongest antenna system portfolio in the industry and with more and more powerful 5G networks on the way, Ericsson’s antenna technology is ready to provide all the performance, capacity and coverage required.

High quality Antenna System - Antenna System portfolio

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Ericsson Antenna System portfolio

The antenna system is one of the most important areas in a radio access network. Ericsson Antenna System is an integral part of Ericsson Radio System and provides a full range of high-quality products in the following areas: passive antennas, active antennas, filters and combiners, tower mounted amplifiers, feeder system, and accessories.

New level of antenna technology

With the requirements of today, we create the technology of tomorrow. Our latest product creates the smallest footprint ever and convinces with highest performance despite our novel sustainable efficiency. The right time to take a closer look at the details of next-generation technology.

5G sites - Antenna System

The Ericsson Antenna System is an integral part of the Ericsson Radio System and offers the best option for effective modernization of 5G site solutions with a full range of high-quality passive and active antenna products. Our solutions focus on performance optimization and cost reduction.

Ericsson Radio System

Ericsson Radio System enables smooth, fast and cost-effective migration from 4G to 5G, allowing operators to launch the new technology and grow 5G coverage fast, no matter the scale and complexity. It comprises hardware, software and services for radio, RAN Compute, transport, power, enclosure, antenna and site solutions– all run by a common management system.

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