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Change will never be as slow as it is today

On Friday, September 28, Hans Vestberg talked about The Networked Society at SIME London. He spoke about how broadband, mobility and the cloud will become the core infrastructures in which all other activities in society will operate under. At the moment, basically every industry sector in the world is seeking new opportunities based on this ICT infrastructure, in order to be more efficient and to enhance their business propositions. Today, businesses are changing at a tremendous pace and this speed of change will only continue to increase. In fact, change will never be as slow as it is today.


At the event, Ericsson evangelists, including myself, ran a Networked Society deep dive session that focused on change, in particular on how “commerce and shopping” is changing with digitalization, connected products, big data, 3D printing, user reviews and ratings and so on, all from a 2020 perspective.

We asked people to discuss, in small groups, who they think will be the winners in the commerce value ecosystem in 2020 and to explain why.

The workshop teams came up with different views, such as the consumers will be the winners and the retailers will be challenged, as brands will increasingly sell directly to consumers. Other teams liked the physical shopping experience, while others argued that everything will be online and delivered to the door, supported by new 3D product visualization technologies. Several groups also thought that the logistics companies would be one of the winners in the commerce ecosystem.

We’d love to hear your opinion – who do you think the winners will be in the commerce value ecosystem in 2020?

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