A connected car would make my life easier

I have high expectations about how adding connectivity to different products will change my behavior and add benefits. While I do look forward to being able to scan my fridge and get automated messages on what groceries I should buy on my way from work, I think the connected car could be my favorite product to have connected. Music, GPS and entertainment for the kids are obvious areas where connectivity would benefit my experience vastly.

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FierceWireless yesterday hosted a seminar where representatives from GSMA, RIM, Ford and AT&T discussed the challenges and opportunities for the industry with regards to the connected car. The expectations are that 90% of all new cars produced will be connected by 2020, and that connectivity in the car will create a richer experience for the user.

Explore how self-driving cars are making safer roads a reality and about our collaboration with Zenuity, an automotive software development joint venture between Autoliv and Volvo Car Corporation.

An interesting challenge in this space concerns apps development, both in terms of safety when driving and interacting with an app, and also where the user will be able to download from. A possible solution for both issues is standards; standards on how apps that require in-car interaction are developed, but also standards on how apps are built and packaged for deployment in cars, allowing the user to get apps at any available app store.

Another challenge discussed was data and how the user will get connected. Will it be through a phone or tablet, or an embedded system?  While this issue will take time to resolve, the joint opinion was that data usage will substantially increase when the car has been connected.

Updated November, 2017

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