How does connectivity drive social change?

At the Rio+Social event that took place in Brazil last week, with the help of social media, leaders from around the world took the discussions about a sustainable future to a global audience.

On June 19, it was truly exciting to see #RioPlusSocial trending at first and third place on Twitter. It showed that the online world was taking a very active part in these discussions. It was also interesting to listen to the speakers on stage answer and discuss questions posed through social media.

A common thread running through all the speeches was the ability for technology to support sustainable development through innovative concepts and applications, and many speakers referred to communications technology specifically as a key component in driving social change.

As phrased by some people we talked to, connectivity allows people to share information and ideas and thereby has the potential to drive social change. Personally, I like how Lucio Amorim in this video phrases it: “Technology is a social changer, and not only a social tool.” I also like how Fernanda Ferriera summarizes the tone of the discussions during Rio+Social: “If you're connected, it's more likely for ideas to become reality!”


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