The philosophy of being connected

We call it the Networked Society. We're talking about a new world where people and things are connected and where information is readily available when you need it, independent of time and place. A world of big data – with people sharing their thoughts as well as their data – and where sensors collect countless statistics. In this emerging tech-dependent world, I find it interesting to see a new philosophy spreading – the philosophy of being connected, and it is much larger than the technology itself.


We no longer plan as we used to. We count on being connected, which in turn reduces the need to plan. We're constantly socializing. In a constant Kik conversation, best friends don't meet in person so often but still remain a close part of each other's daily lives.

We don't focus on remembering the details, but accept that there will always be an expert on hand who knows where to find the information. We rely on search. We depend on fast access to make decisions on daily situations such as transport and shopping. We trust connectivity and search and understand that broadband-mobility-cloud are the foundation of this new mindset.

Access to information makes us independent but it also brings us closer to the people and things we depend on to share their data so that we can complete our tasks. People helping each other is nothing new of course. What's interesting to see is that as we take connectivity more and more for granted, we adopt new behaviors to connect. And this is what is actually making us more dependent on each other.

The challenge to the ICT ecosystem is to ensure that the service works. Because in a society that embraces a philosophy of being connected, being out of coverage means being left alone.

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