H.265 / HEVC finalized by ITU, MPEG

ITU recognizes Ericsson’s showcasing of H.265 implementation.

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The video codec H.265/HEVC, developed jointly by MPEG and ITU, is now technically finalized. Parts of media were already using the term H.265 when referring to HEVC, but it is now clear that H.265 will be the official ITU Recommendation number.

As I explained in a Tech Talk late last year, H.265/HEVC allows cutting the bit rate required for high quality video in half compared to previous standards. Given the rapid increase of video traffic in communication networks, Ericsson and many others expect that H.265/HEVC will become widely deployed within the next few years.

As we’ve previously talked about, Ericsson has been a main driver in the development of the new standard, and an early implementer.
The ITU press release from January of this year recognized Ericsson as one of the few companies that have already showcased H.265 implementations. Already back in August 2012, Ericsson announced the Ericsson SVP 5500 HEVC encoder for TV delivery to mobile devices. In December, we here at Ericsson Research demonstrated the world’s first H.265 multi-party HD video conference, which you could read about in our last blog post.

Of course it doesn’t stop here. As described by MPEG in their January 2013 press release, work has already started on standardizing extensions to H.265/HEVC. These include: 1) range extensions (for higher-resolution color representation and higher-precision for video processing applications); 2) extensions for 3D and multiview video coding (for applications such as stereoscopic 3D television); and 3) extensions for scalable video coding (to enable the flexible extraction of subsets of the coded video content for their direct use as lower bit rate encodings of the same content).

Naturally, Ericsson continues to be an active contributor to the development of high quality video standards and products.
Jacob Ström, Ericsson Research

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