Dreaming of a connected (and smart) home

You have heard about it, and maybe also seen and feel it. Maybe your neighbors have it or maybe you have it by yourself. I’m talking about the connected home. It actually still surprises me that we have so many things around us connected, even our cars. But our houses have been dragging. Until now.

Smart kitchen

It’s still in the start-up phase but a lot of connected home developments are now coming.

Let’s start with what you can do today with a connected house. First of all, you can use your smartphone to unlock your front door, for example, with Assa Abloy’s Yale doorman v2. The door lock is connected with Wi-Fi. So, you don´t need the keys any more.

You can also control all the lights in your home with your smartphone. And you can control the temperature, your garage door and your home alarm. Even your security cameras can be controlled through your phone.

But what about upcoming things that will be connected, and what will they be able to do?

Let’s take a look on what’s coming in one to three years. Imagine what your home will do when it gets smarter.


Your fridge will have cameras and understand when it´s time to buy more food and send you a list for the store. Or, if you are connected to a “food to home” delivery service, your kitchen will place the order directly.

Your stovetop will be connected, and you will have control of slow cooking meals from your smartphone – turning the stove off from your smartphone if you need to go out for a while. It will be perfect for pulled pork, for example.

You will be able to set up your home so that when your children open the front door, if they are young enough to need limits, the house could go in a limited mode. For example, the TV is not possible to turn on, and the same with the stove.

And think of what happens whenall your stuff is connected, even your clothes. They will tell you how long ago you wore a certain pair of pants, or how many plates have been washed over the past year or how many cups of coffee you drink each week. And think of all the trends you will be able to see.

The more I think about connected homes, the more I want one. But, of course, it could cause some problems if you lost your smartphone – with your entire life connected through it.

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