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LTE Ericsson Research Team Nominated for European Inventor Award

We are very proud to announce that eight members of our Ericsson Research team have been nominated for European Inventor Award for pioneering innovations and leadership in 4G LTE technology.

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The Eight members of the team include: Erik Dahlman, Stefan Parkvall, Muhammad Kazmi, Robert Baldemair, George Jöngren, Henning Wiemann, Johan Torsner and Magnus Stattin.

We confess the eight nominees were pretty embarrassed to receive all of this international attention. While they appreciate this prestigious recognition, they want to emphasize that they would not be in this position without the many contributions of the other Ericsson LTE Researchers. If this was up to them, the entire LTE team would be nominated, not just these eight members.

Now, if you are a regular to our blog site, then you most likely recognize a couple of these names. Perhaps you have recently read Stefan’s blog LTE: The Evolution Continues or have watched Erik’s excellent 5G Tech Talk? If you have not, this is a great time to consume these gems, as well as the other Ericsson Research blogs, Slideshares and Tech Talk videos.

While we understand that these researchers have a lot on their plate with revolutionizing LTE and exploring all of the possibilities of 5G, we appreciate that they still take time to give you a glimpse into the research behind the technology. Our intention has always been to invite readers into the Ericsson Research labs, meet the researchers and understand their thought process and the detailed research behind these nominated innovations.

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