Jambo UN-Habitat!

A few lines to announce that the collaboration with UN-Habitat now formally has started. The three-year partnership aims at combining UN-Habitat’s vast knowledge about urbanization in developing countries and framework around city prosperity with Ericsson’s vision of a networked society and thoughts around future mobile networks.

Jambo UN-Habitat

Insights Lead at Design and Technology at Ericsson ONE

Insights Lead at Design and Technology at Ericsson ONE

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Along the way, we will combine overarching and more theoretical reasoning with concrete pilots, prototypes, concepts and sustainability assessments. All with the ultimate goal to exemplify how ICT can have a positive impact on urban prosperity in different ways.

Eager as we are, the first project driven by us together with Ericsson's sustainability research group has already kicked off! We will keep you updated as the work progresses.


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