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Today’s communication service users have very high expectations when it comes to the quality of service they receive from their operators. They expect much more from today’s operators than they did in even the recent past, not just in terms of meat-and-potatoes service, such as network coverage and quality, but more crucially in terms of how the services themselves are delivered, as well as the quality of those services.

Chairman of the BSS User Group.

Chairman of the BSS User Group.

Agile operators understand that their customers want to receive a customized experience that is relevant to their individual needs. Successful operators are responding by expanding their assets in order to create the highly-personalized service offerings that delight subscribers as we move further into the Networked Society.

We asked Khalid Khamis al Mansouri, CIO at Etisalat Misr, how they are leveraging their data assets to find an edge in the market and to delight their subscribers, and what data will mean for them in the future:



Khalid’s response is illuminating, because it reveals just how much operators can do with their data in order to advance their vision of customer-centricity. This is especially true for creating Etisalat’s vision of a “segment of one,” an idea that imagines each individual customer as being her own unique “segment,” and recognizes that every customer is unique and will need to be treated individually.

Realizing such a vision and catering to the unique needs of individual customers is best achieved by leveraging data-assets in order to collect and manage relevant data on individual customers, their consumption, preferences, location, etc., and combining this data with things like social media to enable advanced segmentation. This knowledge, together with an agile business support environment, will be essential for all operators in the Networked Society.

What do you think? How will your service offerings evolve in the Data Era? Let us know in the comments!

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