Entel: A Case Study in Digital Telco Transformation

There’s a lot of talk about “agility” and “transformation” these days, but they are not just buzzwords – they are backed by tangible actions that bring operators further on their journey through Digital Telco Transformation.

Ericsson is proud to announce the Digital Telco Transformation collaboration between Ericsson and the Chilean operator Entel, which will position Entel for speed, efficiency and success in the Networked Society.

“Entel saw the need for a Digital Telco Transformation following a period of sustained subscriber growth and the acquisition of Nextel Peru, which resulted in disparate network operations.”

Gearing up for success

Today’s telco ecosystem is extremely fast-paced, and subscribers are placing increasingly high demands on network operators and ICT providers in terms of the variety and quality of services, as well as the ability to control their own service experiences.

As a result, forward-thinking operators are constantly looking for new ways to meet and exceed these high demands by developing the capabilities necessary to provide superior customer experience in all aspects of the customer lifecycle, and ultimately future-proof their businesses.

Entel’s commitment to Digital Telco Transformation is a clear demonstration of the many ways that agile, flexible IT Transformation solutions can provide significant value to both operators and their subscribers.

For example, using Ericsson’s solution, Entel’s subscribers will be able to easily find information online, compare offerings, make online purchases, and enjoy fast, automated service delivery. These agile capabilities will combine with a consistent and context-aware omnichannel experience that empowers subscribers with access to promotions as well as the ability share shopping and usage experiences, and ultimately enjoy an optimal experience journey.

Moreover, Entel subscribers will now feel more in control with the help of holistic self-care or self-provisioning solutions, as well as self-configure services and devices in real time.
Through this Digital Telco Transformation project, Entel will be delivering on many of the touch-points that have been identified as crucial aspects of increasing Net Promoter Scores®, while simultaneously reducing the cost of customer interactions.


Your trusted transformation partner

Ericsson’s proven track record in ICT technology competence, long-standing industry relationships and transformation know-how make it the world’s most trusted Digital Telco Transformation partner. Are you ready to start your Digital Telco Transformation journey?

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