Enterprise-wide catalogs: Improving operator agility

Telecom service providers globally are fundamentally changing IT processes and systems to bring more agility to their operations.

One such operator is Spark New Zealand, which has adopted Ericsson’s catalog-driven approach to service agility in a staged redesign of its order management process. Results to date show a more simplified and consistent customer experience across multiple channels.

We had a chance to sit down with Spark New Zealand’s GM of Change and Technology, Dr. Claire Barber, to talk about Spark New Zealand’s goals and experiences regarding their transformation to agility:


Simplicity is best

At Spark New Zealand, it’s all about the customer. Dr. Barber exemplifies this mission when she states that “success is defined by our customers,” and achieving success means creating offers that are simple to understand and easy to buy and use. Spark New Zealand is on a journey to a single, enterprise-wide catalog transformation. Powered by Ericsson Catalog Manager and Ericsson Order Care, this simplicity is made possible by driving efficiency in all processes and phases of the product, service and resource lifecycle.

As a result, Spark New Zealand was able to consolidate three prepaid mobile service plans into just one “Smart Prepaid” offering while also realizing consistent, superior customer experience across all channels, including self-service.

Another result of their transformation has been a better view of the customer journey, and with it better opportunities to understand customer sentiment, identify customer difficulties and proactively manage them as they occur.


Redesigning for a service-agile future

The vision for the future of the catalog-driven operator is one that builds simplicity at every step. It begins with a common architecture that uses an enterprise-wide catalog to drive order management processes with speed, accuracy and consistency. This is exemplified by Spark New Zealand’s transformation with Ericsson. What’s your vision?

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