World Humanitarian Day – why does it matter and what can we do?

August 19 marks World Humanitarian Day, and according to the UN, this year, more than 100 million women, men and children need life-saving humanitarian assistance. We are working to transform humanitarian response with technology and to support partners in the field every day to help create a positive change.

As individuals, social media allows us to raise our voices at a grassroots level and raise awareness about social issues. You can follow Ericsson on Technology for Good or join the #ShareHumanity campaign today.

There are increasing natural disasters and manmade conflicts, which has led to over 50 million refugees and displaced people around the world. Many are separated from loved ones for years, but now refugees are being empowered by the Refugees United tool which helps people search for family and reconnect.

With more countries in conflict than ever in the history of human kind, what can we do to foster a culture of peace? The Whitaker Peace and Development Initiative is focusing on youth and peacebuilding in countries like South Sudan, Uganda, and Mexico.

Some of our longest-standing humanitarian partners include the Emergency Telecom ClusterWorld Food ProgrammeInternational Rescue CommitteeSave the Children. This year Ericsson Response volunteers have supported humanitarian relief efforts in South Sudan, Liberia, Guinea, Iraq, Vanuatu, and Nepal. Learn about the latest Ericsson Response mission in Nepal.

Today gives great reason and room for pause: What can you do as an individual or in your company to create positive change?

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