1,001 Reasons Why I’m Passionate about My Job

As head of Strategy at Ericsson, I am thrilled to write for the Careers Blog. In case you are interested, you can find my profile and video on our homepage, I thought I would write about why I think Ericsson is an exciting place to work.


Chief Strategy Officer

Chief Strategy Officer

Opportunity to learn and transform

These are two of the biggest reasons I am so passionate about the company.

Let’s start with learning. I could not thrive in an environment where I was not able to constantly learn & develop. This is not only true about technology, but new business models and the accelerating pace of change. It can be hard but I find it fascinating!

Aries de Geus said, “The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage.” I fully subscribe to this.
I learn something new everyday. Not just by going to a course, or reading an article, but by learning from customers, colleagues, working on challenging tasks and from the transformation of our industry.

Ericsson is full of people who are willing to question, learn and help others to learn as well. It’s important to note that learning is not effortless. It requires us to pull ourselves out of our comfort zone and challenge ourselves to become better. I did that on my first day at Ericsson when I left an industry that I knew to learn about telecommunications. I felt like I was back at school since there was so much to learn! But I don’t regret it and I have done it many times since in my career at Ericsson. This is probably a skill we will all need to develop in our changing world!

The second area that fascinates me is transformation. What we are doing is not only transforming our industry but everything around us. The way we live, work and play is going through the fastest and probably the most significant transformation in history. I find it fascinating to be part of it, to help, in my small way, every industry transform!

Past and Present

Ericsson has been part of a transformation for almost 140 years. I remember seeing a digital counter in the Ericsson Studio 10 years ago counting the number of people that had mobile subscriptions. It was amazing to see how quickly the counter went up even while I was standing there for 5 minutes. Today we have over 7 billion mobile subscriptions and the counter has not slowed down. Be sure to check out some of other amazing stats in the Ericsson Mobility Report.

It is fantastic to be part of this journey and the ongoing transformation. The exciting thing is that the transformation will continue at an even faster pace as we go forward.

Personal Journey

I lost a cousin in the earthquake in Pakistan. All of a sudden, the images of disasters on TV took on a new meaning. A few months later, I was asked to take on the responsibility for Ericsson Response.

Ericsson Response provides equipment and technical expertise to those affected by disasters. The program honours Ericsson’s founder’s belief that communication is a basic human need. Ericsson Response is volunteer led and provides our employees the opportunities to give back their time and expertise to those less fortunate.

I have had the honour and privilege to lead the Ericsson Response program for over 10 years. It started as a personal journey and it ended with an immense opportunity to learn and grow.

Last year I took on my current role as head of Strategy. More than ever I need to be passionate to learn and help to transform the company.

When I joined Ericsson in 1993, I thought I would stay for a couple of years, learn about telecom and move on. I am still here and I am still learning and growing….

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