Telenor helps build a brighter future in Serbia

At Ericsson, we see every day how Serbia is embracing ICT to offer new ways of doing business and meet the complex demands of modern consumers.

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As in many fast-moving nations around the world, the signs are everywhere. Younger people are adopting patterns of behavior similar to those in more affluent countries in the world – Pokémon GO was available in Serbia in September this year – and ICT and computer software and services have become Serbia’s most important areas of expertise in recent years (software exports have even eclipsed raspberries, which held the #1 spot for years).

“ICT is considered a priority sector for the Government and it will increase the support for this sector over the years, especially given the sector’s strong results in attracting investors and employment,” says official agency SIEPA. “In order to really further step up this result, the state also has to increase investment into research and development.”


Convergent charging and billing leads the way

In response to this new era being ushered in across Serbia, one of the country’s top three largest mobile network operators has partnered with Ericsson to introduce a completely new way of charging and billing.

Telenor Serbia offers services on its 2G (GPRS, EDGE), 3G (DC-HSPA+) and 4G (LTE, LTE-A) networks and enjoys a 35 percent market share. The latest addition to its portfolio is Ericsson Charging and Billing in One (CBiO). This convergent charging and billing system is designed to enable Telenor Serbia to introduce new trends in real time, in line with customers' needs, providing them with full cost control.

"I am proud to say that we are the first mobile operator in Serbia to fully shift to convergent system of charging and billing and we manage to do it only in one year thanks to extraordinary common team effort with company Ericsson. With CBiO system, we are giving our customers more reasons to love us. For Telenor, this is a significant step towards becoming the favorite partner in their digital life." shares Ingeborg Øfsthus, Telenor Serbia CEO.

As a mobile network operator, Telenor Serbia can now enjoy more flexibility when it comes to offering promotions, discounts, incentive programs and targeted campaigns; it can create packages combining different services and come up with different tariffs for its customers across Serbia.

All this is not only good news for Serbia’s 7+ million inhabitants but also for the private sector as whole, which will prove indispensable to the coalition government in building a new brighter future for Serbia and reach milestones like the meeting of the requirements for joining the EU.

And catching Pokémon, of course.

Telenor Serbia transforms customer charging and billing experience

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