Ericsson at heart of Vodafone’s global approach to CEM

Customers want what they want. Delivering it? Well, that means accounting for every preference and every circumstance. It means getting deep into the experience in real-time to understand what’s happening, what’s not and where opportunities exist.

Operators that deliver services globally take on the added challenge of tailoring customer experience strategies to match each distinct market or segment.

To increase competitiveness and agility, operators are making significant investments to improve the customer experience. They recognize that big data analytics have the power to provide priceless insights that can improve customer outcomes. And they’re moving fast in the face of mounting competitive pressures.

I just returned from Mobile World Congress where Vodafone announced an aggressive Customer Experience Management (CEM) strategy. At the heart of this strategy is Ericsson Expert Analytics, which Vodafone has selected as the sole preferred CEM and big data analytics solution for 22 countries. Following Vodafone Spain’s successful trial of the solution, deployments are already underway in other regions.


Actionable insights drive improved customer experience

Ericsson Expert Analytics is a real-time, end-to-end, big data analytics platform with productized use cases for a wide variety of users. Time-sensitive, closed-loop actions can be triggered or actuated toward either the network or customer. Insights are driven directly to the desktops of key departments, taking analytics out of the lab and into everyday business processes.

Vodafone is deploying Ericsson Expert Analytics to identify actionable insights that drive service operations, customer care and marketing efforts to better understand and proactively address individual customer experiences, with a focus on predicting and improving net promotor score (NPS) using Ericsson’s patented service level index (SLI).

With Ericsson Expert Analytics, Vodafone can:

  • Predict customer symptoms and customer satisfaction
  • Understand the “most probable cause” of experience issues
  • Automatically take the “next best actions” to improve customer experience


A crystal ball into the customer experience

As the customer experience becomes the next competitive battleground, there is one metric in particular that operators count on to understand how they measure up. Net Promoter Scores have become a key indicator into customer satisfaction levels and whether an operator faces a churn risk. While this information is crucial, operators need it faster and more frequently. Ericsson Expert Analytics addresses this need with a Service Level Index (SLI), which can predict Net Promoter Scores.

SLI provides a real-time, continuously updated view of how an individual’s customer experience measures up at any given moment. Armed with this intelligence, operators are empowered to make quick changes with positive impacts. For instance, operators can identify satisfied customers who are ready for an upgrade offer, or conversely, unhappy customers who require an intervention to improve experience.

Vodafone recognizes the Ericsson SLI as a distinct and unique advantage in measuring and improving customer satisfaction.


Deep domain expertise

Ericsson Expert Analytics is supported by productized use cases that capture Ericsson’s domain expertise, and proprietary algorithms and technologies that span a range of consumer and enterprise services. Ericsson's deep expertise is based on years of research, annual user studies and customer projects. Ericsson is a market leader in implementing big data analytics to understand and improve customer experiences.

With Vodafone’s latest news on this front, the industry takes another giant step forward in delivering for its customers. My crystal ball says that the sky is the limit.

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