Inspired by the passion of Ericsson Response volunteers

At the start of each year, one of our first tasks is planning our annual basic training course to introduce new volunteers to Ericsson Response. This is both an exciting and daunting time as there are always well over 100 applications to review from around the world, and we know that only 25-30 will be able to attend the training to become new volunteers.

Inspired by the passion of Ericsson Response volunteers

The course is an induction training to introduce them to the reality of humanitarian response. It's an amazing week when we all get to know each other and learn how we work with our humanitarian partners in the field. This will be the eighth time I will personally be involved in the training, including my own attendance as a student in 2004. I have to say, this is the event I look forward to the most every year, as it's a chance to meet new like-minded and motivated people who want to do whatever they can to help their fellow man.

The training always reminds me of why I got involved myself as a volunteer. The new recruits' excitement, passion and drive to learn are always inspiring, and it re-energizes my own dedication to supporting humanitarian action. It also reminds me that Ericsson Response is nothing without the volunteers.

As some of you may know, Hans Vestberg received the World Food Programme’s Hunger Hero award, in large part on behalf of the work done by Ericsson Response. This is something every volunteer should be very proud of, since we would never have had 15 years of success stories without them. The human side is what has driven this organization throughout the years, and the fact that Ericsson offers this unique opportunity for employees to make a difference in humanitarian response is something that we can never take for granted.

I look forward to welcoming the Ericsson Response class of 2016 in the coming months!

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