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Global Goal #3 and creating a sustainable work-life

Editor's note: This is a guest post from Mats Pellbäck Scharp, Director of Environmental Health and Safety.

Global Goal #3 and creating a sustainable work-life
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Today is the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, and this year the focus area is work-related stress. At Ericsson we have decided use this opportunity to promote our program “Sustainable Work Life in the Networked Society” today.

Technology is affecting our daily lives like never before. It is changing how businesses are organized as well as how work is being done. I personally believe that this will open up fantastic opportunities but we also need to be aware of the potential risks. Therefore, we see a need for new skills and tools.

For this reason we have developed a Sustainable Work Life Toolkit together with leading researchers in the area. It consists of individual and group tools as well as training and tips. There are self-assessments to help employees identify personal situations and needs. There are also workshops for teams and work groups to improve cooperation and agree on improvement areas. Finally a section with facts, tips and information on what you can do in everyday life to boost yourself.

The third Sustainable Development Goal – Global Goal #3 – is Good Health for All. I think our technology can provide an accelerated path to provide everyone with good healthcare but also, and possibly more importantly on this day, a safe and healthy work environment. Sustainable work life is possible if we learn how to manage the new working conditions and draw the benefit of knowledge and tools available.

Mats Pellbäck Scharp rejoined Ericsson as Head of Environment, Health & Safety in 2014 after a couple of years outside the organization. With a long experience of leading small and big teams integrating social and sustainability performance improvements for example as Head of Sustainability in Sony Ericsson and Head of Environment, Health and Safety in the mobile division of Ericsson. Mats has launched GreenHeart Brand and led the team delivering the cleanest products in the electronics industry according to Greenpeace.

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