4 Good Reasons to Work at Ericsson

In late April, I attended the OpenStack Summit in Austin, Texas. The Ericsson booth there was usually quite crowded, which was great because it meant we were either meeting with old friends or making new ones.

Ericsson entrance

One of the things quite a few people have asked us when they stopped by is what it’s like to work at Ericsson and whether they should consider it. From my standpoint, the answers to those questions are: it is an awesome place to work and yes you should! Ericsson is a top notch company to work for and a big supporter of OpenStack and open source in general. In fact, I would say there are four reasons why everyone here at OpenStack Summit should consider a career at Ericsson:


Although Ericsson has thousands of engineers and technologists, we are not just employees. We are a community, supporting each other and fully focused on making open source better, always.


As the fifth largest software company in the world, Ericsson is always looking to be on the forefront of innovation. We were an early supporter of OpenStack and other open source solutions. But we don’t just support open source in software. In February 2016, we joined the OCP as a Platinum member, focusing on hardware design for scale-out data center solutions.  This means Ericsson will contribute with new OCP designs to drive continued leadership.


Do you like challenges? Do you like the idea of influencing the direction of an entire industry? OpenStack, and open source in general, presents huge challenges to IT and Telco industries. Every day at Ericsson, we help companies overcome those challenges. We focus on having a positive influence in the industry, driving change, embracing OpenStack and open source at its widest and deepest meaning and potential.


Ericsson has operations in over 180 countries. One of the main reasons working at Ericsson is so great, is that you get to work with brilliant people from all over the world every day. We firmly believe the best products, including software, are ones that embrace the best from every culture of the world.

If you feel you can make deep difference on IT and Telcos and you are up to the ultimate cultural transformation, then join us, join OpenStack, join the Community and join the Open Source. This is what we believe at Ericsson.

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