Launching the Technology for Good volunteer program in Region Mediterranean

Launching the Technology for Good volunteer program in Region Mediterranean

Editor's note:  Today we are featuring a guest post from Rossella Cardone, Head of Innovation, Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility, Ericsson Region Mediterranean:

After success in other regions, we are happy to announce the extension of the Technology for Good Employee Volunteer Program to Region Mediterranean (RMED) countries.

The Ericsson Employee Volunteer Program will provide a great opportunity for our employees to be change makers through sharing their skills and knowledge so that people both inside and outside the company can benefit from Ericsson’s initiatives.

In Region Mediterranean, we aim to help to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. We are focusing our initiatives on the promotion of SDG 4 - “Quality of education” – and SDG 8 - “Decent work and economic growth,” and our proposed projects principally address young people.

We also aim to increase employees’ engagements in initiatives that link Technology for Good to social needs by leveraging on existing projects and by introducing new ones.

Among the existing projects, in Italy Ericsson introduced the EGO Program in 2004 with the aim of supporting those who want to transform innovative ideas in ICT into business – enabling job opportunities and economic growth. Similar initiatives have been started in Greece in partnership with Metavallon and in Spain with Talentum Startups. Also education has always been a focus area for Ericsson, with initiatives in many countries aimed at promoting the access to education. For instance, since 2005, Ericsson has been collaborating with Passeport Avenir in France to support young people coming from harsh environments during their academic and professional career.

New initiatives are now being introduced focusing on young people at high school and universities, providing lectures, mentoring, e-learning material, ICT knowledge and professional career sharing, innovation projects and many other ways to prepare students to embrace their future.

The Networked Society is happening and we have the power to make it!

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