Developing ICT skills with WPDI in Chiapas, Mexico

Editor's note: Today we're featuring a guest post by Yanneth Milena Higuera, Line Manager of Learning & Development in Mexico.

Developing ICT skills with WPDI in Chiapas, Mexico
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I recently came back from a third visit to Chiapas in Mexico to our project with Forest Whitaker and the Whitaker Peace and Development Initiative (WPDI) and Educreando. We met with students and teachers, with the aim to develop skills in training trainers. Together we formed a common strategy together on what topics to bring to the students on this visit to enrich their experience and keep the ultimate goal of the project in front of them: building competence and skills among at-risk youth to secure a more peaceful, productive community.

During the retreat, I taught 23 members of the WPDI Harmonizer program about theory and practice in using the tools of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in the development of training processes.

First, we identified their target population as virtual natives or immigrants then we started talking about the Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) model, which provides "a framework that identifies the knowledge teachers need to teach effectively with technology." This model identifies three kinds of knowledge – technological, pedagogical and content – and we focused on technology knowledge.

Then the fun started, and the young adults who will become trainers were provided with the trainer's toolbox. We worked with programs in the following categories:

  • making presentations
  • blogging
  • mind maps
  • notes
  • photo and video sites
  • social networks
  • video conferencing
  • debate and discussions

The students will receive their degree from the official training program later this year. I know that will be a big day. Perhaps they will become trainers for their own communities and other projects they are working with. There's a saying that "love isn't love until you give it away"... and I think the same thing about knowledge!

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