Ericsson Helped Me Discover the World and My True Passion

Today we feature a post from Ericsson Careers blog by Brent Carbno, Program Director Ericsson Response. Back in 2000, I was sitting in a government office at the British Columbia Geological Survey not knowing what was next for me. My position as a geologist was ending that year and the only other options in my field were short-term mining exploration positions in remote areas of Northern Canada. These were exciting jobs that I had experienced before. They were almost always in breath-taking and beautiful locations, but the living conditions in these remote areas were difficult, especially (and coincidentally in retrospect) because of the lack of connection to the outside world.

Ericsson Helped Me Discover the World and My True Passion

My journey at Ericsson Begins

Later that year, a very good friend of mine was working at Ericsson and thought of me when a new technical position was opening up in Montreal. Some of the software skills acquired during my studies and work experience would come in handy as I would be working with similar platforms at Ericsson. So when I was offered a job at Ericsson, I took a gamble with a new career far away from the science and work I had loved over the previous decade. The stability I had longed for and the offer of an exciting future in the high tech industry convinced me to at least give it a try.

Traveling the World as an Ericsson Integration Engineer

I started as an integration engineer and almost immediately hit the road installing and upgrading core network systems. Previous to this, I had seen a lot of Canada, but had only ventured into the Northern USA on a few occasions and had never seen any other part of the world. Within the first year of my new job at Ericsson I had seen 15 new states in the US, and after 5 years, I had started to discover Europe, Africa, South and Central America, and the Caribbean. At the beginning, it was difficult to catch up to those who had joined Ericsson as telecommunications engineering graduates, but my ability to learn new things meant that didn’t last long and I was really enjoying my newly discovered affinity for technology.

Why I Volunteered for Ericsson Response

After all of this traveling, I also started to learn a lot more about myself, my view of the world and personal interests expanded significantly. In 2004, the tsunami hit South East and South Asia and I wanted to do something to help beyond donating to the Red Cross who were campaigning for funds. That’s when I first read about the work being done by my fellow employees as part of Ericsson Response. I remember walking the corridor to my manager’s office to ask how I could get involved and he offered his full support in making that happen. I joined the program the following year and as much as joining Ericsson changed my life, becoming involved with humanitarian work may have had an even bigger impact. After a few years as an Ericsson Response volunteer, I knew humanitarian work was something I wanted to dedicate my life to.

How Ericsson Response Has Transformed My Life

In 2011, I had the great fortune of joining Ericsson Response full time as a Program Director. Thinking back to my days in geology, I never dreamed of seeing the places I have seen and working in a field I am even more passionate about than the science I left behind. On top of that, I am having a positive impact on the world, and I am personally helping to shape the future of humanitarian response. Over the past 15 years Ericsson has allowed me to grow and pursue multiple challenges and interests, many of which were not obvious when I first joined the company. I have to say Ericsson has literally offered me a world of possibilities!

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