Why volunteer with Ericsson Response? Why not?

Photo by WFP / Mariko Hall. Editor's note: Today we feature a guest post by Martin Falebrand, an experienced Ericsson Response volunteer who has undertaken numerous humanitarian crisis missions around the world. Sometimes my colleagues ask me why I volunteer with Ericsson Response. My reply is usually a question back: “Why not?”

Why volunteer with Ericsson Response? Why not?

If the company gives you the opportunity to contribute to something more, something bigger, something really important, why wouldn’t you?

Yes, I can understand why I get the questions from time to time. Deploying to Sierra Leone, so seriously effected by Ebola, to provide internet access even inside the Ebola treatment units and actually be so close that you see the infected people could very well be questioned.

But the answer is for me simple. If we do not do it, who would then? No one most likely. And the services we provide, which enable the humanitarian community to work effectively with the help of reliable communications, are so appreciated.

The feeling is unbeatable when you get a service, for example, internet access, up and running in a very remote area. The “happy users” give you hugs of happiness as before they maybe had to travel for hours by car just to get internet access, to be able to send vital reports and to be able to communicate for effective work or just to be able to keep in touch with family and friends. Now they can do it at the location and in real time.

It just makes the work so much easier and more efficient, and, in the end, it hopefully saves more lives.

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