Videotron shares their digital transformation journey

If you want to get information about your billing, receive personalized offers or change your subscription – would you want to call into a call center?

Most likely you would prefer to have these options in your service providers app and website, much like Videotron’s customers.

Pierre Camirand, General Director Information Technology at Videotron, shares with us that Videotron understands this and the Canadian integrated telco makes customer experience a top priority. Over the last years Videotron has moved away from solely providing television content to becoming a quad player, offering internet, fixed, mobile and television. And today, when customers do want to get in touch with the company, the person they communicate with can answer questions about any or all of these four service areas.

Now Videotron is looking at how to address the customer needs of tomorrow. How will they deliver this customer service as the Networked Society changes our expectations? What will Pierre’s future customers want from Videotron and how will they want to interact with the company (if at all)?

There’s a clue on the company website: “Videotron has had, for many years, a great reputation thanks to its network of coaxial and fiber optic cables (HFC) in which millions of dollars are invested each year to ensure it stays at the forefront of technology. They offer customers unparalleled services that are always reliable.”

The latest development Videotron has undertaken to stay ahead of the pack is digital transformation. Ericsson’s Digital Telco Transformation combines consulting and systems integration services with the industry’s most comprehensive OSS/BSS portfolio.

Videotron choose Ericsson for our ICT leadership and our ability to provide support every step of the way. We know that it’s time for service providers to adopt a new operating model, one that introduces and monetizes the digital information, entertainment, finance and health services of today and tomorrow.

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