Börje Ekholm’s reflection on his first day as Ericsson CEO

Today marks an important day in my career as I join Ericsson, a company I have admired for as long as I can remember. Our technology has benefited so many and in so many contexts. 4G was the first network generation that was developed for smartphones and that clearly marked a milestone. Now we are taking the next exciting step when developing 5G, a technology that will also change industries and the very fabric of how we work and operate as societies.

Börje Ekholm

President & CEO of Ericsson

President & CEO of Ericsson

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As a company and an industry we are going through a period of intense change. Our job is to ensure that Ericsson emerges as an even stronger leader, providing the industry and our customers with superior products, services and solutions. We will ensure that Ericsson remains at the forefront of technological development – across all parts of our portfolio and markets. Our task is to make our customers successful, which in turn will make us successful.

We are a company of more than 100,000 bright, determined, curious people.  You’ve heard from many of them here on this blog.  I’m pleased to be among them and I hope you’ll continue to participate in our discussions here.

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