Experience a whole new world with 5G at CES 2017

5G is going to change the way we live work and play, from the little things to advances that impact whole societies. And while you may not always know exactly what 5G entails, you will definitely want what it offers, including great leaps in virtual reality and how we will consume media. At Ericsson, we’ve been talking about 5G for a long time – it’s the inevitable future of networks, both in name (3G to 4G to 5G) and in technological evolution – and at CES 2017 we’re collaborating with a number of partners to capture the 5G world of tomorrow for you to experience today.

Virtual reality goes mainstream

So, what can you expect from us at CES 2017? For one, the world will literally look and feel different. Consumers are starting to embrace virtual and augmented realities as mainstream experiences, with portable headsets making holiday wish lists around the world.

Just across from Ericsson’s booth at CES, Intel will have former NBA players dunking basketballs while VOKE 360 cameras capture the live action. Visitors to Intel’s booth wearing VR headsets can immerse themselves in the players’ perspectives. In our booth, we’re helping Intel take this experience one step further – transmitting the live feed over pre-standard 5G technology to show visitors that same player-perspective experience in a mobile VR environment. 5G is the key ingredient in this equation – without its high data throughput and low latency this mobile viewing experience would not be possible. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind experiencing life as a soaring six-foot-plus basketball star.

The future of virtual reality

But what’s the next evolutionary step for VR? Our partner, has the answer – virtual touch. In our next generation VR media experience demonstration, visitors will not only see the virtual living room of tomorrow In Ericsson’s booth, visitors wearing VR headsets can touch objects in a video, pick the objects up and even place them on a table within the virtual reality they’re experiencing. This technology will revolution VR – imagine playing a high-speed racing game in a manual vehicle and virtually feeling the stick shift as you change gears.

Continuing this media-consumption experience, we have partnered with AERNOW to put motor sports fans IN with live stream perspectives of the driver and the driver’s view alongside real-time vehicle data – whether watching in the racing venue on a mobile device or viewing from the comfort of the living room couch. As the cars race around the track, AERNOW’s in-car video and data streaming system, combined with our Virtual EPC with LTE TDD RAN, broadcasts out to your viewing device in real-time. If this is what we can do over 4G LTE – I can only imagine how 5G will take it to the next level!

5G will make the world a safer place

But 5G is not just about exciting new media experience opportunities – it will also help to improve the world around us. Imagine remote communities with access to lightning-fast broadband, and urban environments where residents don’t have to compete for limited bandwidth. Dangerous and hazardous job roles could be completed from a safe distance through drones and precise machine-to-machine communication. Have you ever had an electrician out to your home, only to hear that they need to bring in a specialist? What if your original electrician could use virtual reality over 5G to share their view with the specialist for real-time instruction – no additional on-site support needed!

These are just some of the 5G use cases we’re showing in our booth at CES. You can visit Ericsson at Booth #10939 in Tech East at the Las Vegas Convention Center throughout CES or, if you can’t join us in person, you can visit our event website and watch our Facebook Live video stream – we’ll be broadcasting from Ericsson and Ericsson North America throughout the four-day show.

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