Automated Acceptance Testing—a competitive advantage

The need to reduce Core Network operational costs is common among all service providers. Rapid introduction of new software in the Packet Core domain brings new functionality and revenue possibilities, but the deployment process can be lengthy and laborious, which translates into cost and weakened competitiveness.That’s all changing however.

How can Automation in Acceptance testing bring competitive advantage?

Why spend days or weeks compiling and executing laborious regression testing, instead of focusing on developing new test cases that have a wider scope and are more representative of present and future network capabilities and traffic conditions?

With Ericsson’s Continuous Delivery and Deployment (CDD), we’re releasing a constant stream of new functionality with monthly software releases. At the same time, we’re committed to automating and streamlining the process of bringing the software into live service as much as possible. Efficient tools play a large part in reducing deployment complexity and the need for manual intervention. The Ericsson Automated Acceptance Tests product, for example, plays a major role by reducing network operators’ software validation times and releasing resources from conducting laborious regression tests.

Using Ericsson Automated Acceptance Tests, network operators can automate their test cases, with an estimated 50 percent savings potential for future operational expenses. Verification times will be reduced, from weeks to hours, because a typical test case can be executed in a few seconds. Ericsson’s goal is to reduce verification times down to minutes. Looking at one of our CDD front-runners, during three years they have reduced the man-hour needs in software acceptance testing by 75 percent, while at the same time they have increased their software feature introduction rate by a factor of four. The use of smaller software deltas, and the experiences from those, have led to an increased trust in the quality, allowing them to work in a more agile and lean manner, and ultimately making them more competitive.

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