How to build an innovative 5G ecosystem in Tuscany

Editor’s note: Today we are featuring a guest post from Giulio Bottari, Senior Researcher at Ericsson Research and Innovation Manager of the EU H2020 Project 5G-Transformer, based on his presentation at the Ericsson Research Open Day.

How to build an innovative 5G ecosystem in Tuscany
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Tuscany is a region with many innovative companies and academic research institutes, which leads to great opportunities for cross-sector research, anchored in the region’s heritage of industrial innovation.

This year I had the pleasure to showcase at the Ericsson Research Open Day how the Ericsson Research center in Pisa is building, with industrial partners in Tuscany, an ecosystem for research and implementation of innovative projects enabled by 5G.

Understanding the business potential of 5G

These collaborations are an excellent opportunity for us to understand the connectivity requirements of industries in a wide range of sectors.  For our industrial partners, it is a way to understand the business potential of 5G. Researchers from universities and other academic institutes are also deeply involved to help transfer innovative ideas from the university labs to industry.

You can see me talking about our projects in more detail below:


Transcript: 5G for scooters, surgery and port operations

Ericsson Research has a program in the center of Italy, and over the years Ericsson Research has built a strong ecosystem with academic and industrial partners in the area.

One is Piaggio the producer of Vespa, the famous scooter that is one of the icons of the Italian lifestyle. Piaggio has asked Ericsson to help to connect their scooters to increase the safety of the scooter riders.

Another important partner near Florence, in the biomedical district of Florence, is Imaginalis. This is an innovative company that produces 3D CAT scanners, coupled with a robotic arm that can help surgeons improve procedures, increasing accuracy, safety and efficiency.

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We are also addressing the logistics of the port of Livorno, a port that handles container cargo ships as well as passengers arriving in Tuscany on big cruise ships.

With 5G connectivity the port can become more efficient, increase safety and offer more services to passengers.

Growing innovation in Tuscany

If you’re interested in learning more, please check out our page dedicated to growing innovation in Tuscany, including in-depth case studies on scootersport operationssurgerycloud robotics and more!

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