How will we define what is true in the future?

Have you ever asked or been asked, “how do you know that” or “is that true?” Today we hear all the time about fake news or retracted statements because of the desire to be first and share information fast. Daily we are receiving “push” notices to our phones and stories on our social media feeds based on our search habits. The further we progress into a connected society, the more important it will be for us to gain an insight into what is true.


Looking into the millennial mind

Technology is allowing students and classrooms to open up to new ideas and new ways of learning. It’s only fitting that in 2015, when Ericsson limited participation in the Ericsson Innovation Awards to university students only, the topic was the Future of Learning.

Think about how far we have come in learning and educating ourselves through connectivity… Need to know how to repair your washing machine? Find a YouTube video on it. Want to know what the brightest minds think about supporting the rapidly growing population in major cities? Listen to a TED Talk. Want the latest ideas on the connected home? “Pin” it. With a smart device and a network connection, knowledge is at your fingertips.

But how do you know if the information you are getting is accurate or just another person’s idea? When they say it’s the latest and greatest idea, how can the claim be substantiated? Also, when we go to share our own beliefs, what effect does that have on others? How is it that YouTube stars with a large following can affect food product sales simply by eating on camera?

Promoting innovation with Nobel

Given our partnership with Nobel Media, the theme of the Ericsson Innovation Awards 2018 competition is the Future of Truth, which is also the theme of this year’s annual Nobel Week Dialogue, held on December 9. Ericsson is asking students to help us discover the following:

  1. How will technology be used in the future to help us find the right data?
  2. Validate that the data is factual and
  3. Allow us to share accurate information.

Students can choose any or all these topics for their ideas.

As we move into a world of artificial intelligence, augmented reality and machine learning, how will these ideas help us to improve the world in which we live, or to solve critical issues by clearly understanding the “true” problem to solve?  There is an old saying in computing of “garbage in and garbage out”.  With more and more things being connected, what are your ideas for ensuring that we stay off the trash pile?

Do you have a winning idea?

Do you have an idea that could change the way we find, validate or share truth? If you’re a university student, submit your idea to the Ericsson Innovation Awards by November 15, 2017 and you could win two months of expert Ericsson mentorship, up to EUR 25,000 and a trip to Stockholm to present at the Nobel Museum.

Futurecast: The Future of Technology & Emergency Response

The Futurecast Technology Innovation Series is a series of intimate, lively discussion-based events that bring together leaders in technology, government, business and beyond. Hosted by Ericsson, AT&T Foundry and TechCrunch contributor Andrew Keen, the discussions revolve around how technology is shaping our world.

On Monday, October 30th, join Ericsson at the AT&T Foundry at Texas Medical Center Innovation Institute in Houston as we explore how, in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, tech innovators and members of the healthcare community in the Houston area devised innovative solutions to help ensure that people were safe, connected, and informed. We will talk about how technology is used today, and how it can evolve in the future to help communities, first responders, healthcare providers, governments, public safety officials, and other organizations in the event of natural disasters and other humanitarian crises.

Catch it live, with a special digital appearance from Dr. Oz on:

If you are able to make the event in person, please register at:

Questions: Contact Grace Lien

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