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"Instrument" and be healthy

To "Instrument" is the scientific approach to infrastructure and applications.

It illustrates the difference between wellnes and traditional healthcare.

Traditional healthcare deals with problems. You go to hospital with a problem. The medical staff try to diagnose your problem starting with the source of the problem and moving out. They use various techniques and assumptions based on training and familiarity.

Wellness is happening due to the collection of data without purpose, across millions of people. Wellness is happening since patterns of good prevention can be seen without need for opinion before.

I can start to see answers before problems appear I can only feel after.

To instrument is the first step to true transformation of systems. You cannot change what you cannot see…

This is the power behind the change. As all systems become instrumented, all instrumentation data becomes available to do cross-system analysis that leads to a potential real time understanding of the world that is is only limited by our own imagination. And the adoption of the previous best practices; interplay to ensure it is possible to analyse all the data, continuously improving, one master copy of all data with appropriate distribution where required.

Welcome to the fourth in a series of seven key principles that you have to understand to succeed in the digital era; all are explained by Jason Hoffman, Head of Technology, Business Area Digital Services at Ericsson.

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