OSS and BSS user group taking over Paris next week

Next week we’re in Paris for the 2017 OSS/BSS User Group, where the community of Ericsson customers using Ericsson Operations and Business Support Systems will be sharing their successes and learning.

Mastering the digital era

This year’s agenda will focus on what it takes to become an even more successful operator in the digital era and as masters of large infrastructure, we know that complex systems are built on simple rules.

It’s how we help deliver communications services, decade after decade, that are easy to buy, easy to use, and easy to enjoy. This is what we will explore and discuss during two days in Paris.


Sharing insights and experiences

We have loaded up with expert speakers that will share our insights in the areas of how to capture digital services, create engaging customer experiences, and run the most agile and efficient operations. We will also have several operator presentations sharing operators' challenges and opportunities.

Stay tuned for my updates on all the highlights during the coming week!

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