Six ways ITS is transforming the Dutch transport system

Editor’s note: Today we feature a post by Sander Maas, Global Offering Lead for Transport at Ericsson, who shares his expertise on connected urban transport. Building a connected traffic ecosystem is a challenge, but a great example of how to do it successfully can be found in the Talking Traffic project in the Netherlands. In 2016, the Dutch government set out to maximize traffic flow on existing roads, rails and waterways, while avoiding costly investments in new infrastructure.

Six ways ITS is transforming the Dutch transport system
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In six just months, Siemens, Simacan and Ericsson collaborated to rollout Talking Traffic, a nationwide intelligent transport system (ITS). So, how does ICT look in real life? Here are six ways the Netherlands are transforming their national transport system.

1. Minimizing risk

Drivers receive detailed, timely alerts about current, and potential dangers on the road. Police and public safety agencies have comprehensive oversight to help reduce accidents and to better respond when needed.

2. Optimizing traffic flows

Connected infrastructure, such as traffic lights, collect data on traffic flow and congestion on the Netherlands’ roads. That data is used to synchronize signals and to provide drivers with instructions on how and where to drive. Influencing driver behavior reduces road congestion, which in turn reduces emissions.

3. Improving parking

Access to real-time information on parking helps drivers adjust their route to get the spot that best suits them. With cloud billing solutions, parking fees are easily paid and payments can be distributed accordingly to various stakeholders.

4. Controlling traffic speeds

Signage displaying maximum speeds can be adjusted in the event of emergencies and congestion. Customizing speed limits to fit the exact location, road conditions and type of vehicle helps reduce congestion and accidents.

5. Streamlining billing

New devices can easily be added to the ecosystem and services can be integrated into billing systems. Complicated, multi-partner payment schemes are simplified, with secure automated billing solutions.

6. Monetizing, with room to grow

With symbiotic collaborations between private and public organizations, data from the transport ecosystem is providing the foundation for new, monetized products and services. By creating an open, yet secure ecosystem where collaboration and innovation are encouraged in the private sector, the Dutch government has reduced the pressure, and cost, of improving transportation systems.


accepting award

Ericsson and partners accepting the ITS Hall of Fame Industry Award for our Talking Traffic solution. Olle Isaksson, Head of Strategy, represented Ericsson in the photo.

And that’s just the beginning. The Netherlands is one of the first nations to fully embrace the concept of a connected vehicle ecosystem, as illustrated by their Talking Traffic platform. Winner of the 2017 ITS Industry Award, Europe, Siemens, Simacan and Ericsson created an intelligent transport system (ITS) across the entire nation. Connected Urban Transport, serves as the front door of the Dutch infrastructure systems.


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