You need to optimize what is most important to you

There is an emotional and deep-seated need behind the concept of optimize. If you really care for something, always look for how you can optimize it. To succeed, you need to look past the obvious and read the hidden signals with no confirmation bias - let the data guide you.

The goal - find the optimal solution out of all possible ones

We have seen the importance of data for new disruptive businesses. Of the key principles explored in Jason Hoffman's Cloud Conversation podcasts,“Data-centric” and “Instrument” are the best friends of optimize. The goal of a digital transformation is to improve performance, functionality, and scale for systems, services, and processes. Advanced machine learning and AI technologies require very large instrumented data sets to explore the non-obvious and to find the best of all possible solutions - or in other words, the most optimized.


Cloud Conversation with Jason Hoffman: Optimize

Optimize is the sixth principle in a series of seven that you must understand to succeed in the digital era; all are explained by Jason Hoffman, Head of Technology, Business Area Digital Services at Ericsson, in a series of podcasts:

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Discover more about how technology evolves in the paper Jason co-wrote on Future Digital Infrastructure (FDI).


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