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5 ways that AI will change your life

Editor's note: Today we are featuring a post by Ilaria Brunelli, Head of Ericsson at AT&T Foundry: Falling costs for back-end technologies and capital investments from major brands have allowed artificial intelligence (AI) systems to prove themselves viable enablers in a variety of use cases, from mimicking human-level intelligence and beating chess champions to creating virtual assistants that can sustain an interactive dialog. Yet this is just the beginning.
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5 ways that AI will change your life
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At the AT&T Foundry we wanted to cut through the hype and explore how AI might change the experience of the “connected” consumer. To that end, Ericsson worked with AT&T Foundry and RocketSpace to interview over 50 successful entrepreneurs, executives and academics leading the charge on new technologies and applications. We developed five bold projections that explore how AI will impact the consumer experience in the coming years.

1. Humans have more room to be human

One day we will have personal assistants offloading mundane, everyday tasks; from having to schedule appointments, writing out a grocery list, and remembering important dates. We will gain time to enrich our lives by delving into new hobbies, seek new knowledge and have more quality interactions with family and friends. Anything that is done to expand our minds and spur curiosity can be delegated to an AI algorithm in the future, giving us more time to be human.

2. Be everywhere as data is everywhere

In the future world that we explore in this report, data is the new gold. Our always-connected behavior is generating a lot of data every day, giving brands that interact with us knowledge of personal preferences and patterns that can be stored and then used to make our experience  more meaningful, more individualized. Those who control the most data will be in a position of hegemony. Consumers need to be aware of this and should demand that data collected be shared across an open platform to ensure the best experience across all their data-driven interactions

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3. Connectivity instantly powers your own adventure

Colleagues at Ericsson and AT&T are already applying their data science knowledge to improve the capabilities of our networks by combining network intelligence and low-latency network performance to form the cornerstone of the mobile network – a key enabler of AI. Data analytics will be used for both responsive and proactive AI-related use cases, whether it’s brands making use of real-time user data to produce more relevant experiences on and between devices, or whether it’s a utility company avoiding a power outage by predicting a surge based on AI data so consumers don’t even experience a problem. Dynamic mobile networks leveraging AI tools will increase the speed of problem resolution, ensuring performance of tomorrow’s networks, to deliver in-the-moment, contextual experiences consumers will demand.

4. Consumers go from one click to zero clicks

As AI becomes mainstream, the rules of engagement will change. Given that we will have more time to be human, our decision-making process will evolve, taking in the world around us in different ways, shifting our priorities that are shaped by new and deep interactive experiences. At the same time brands powered by AI will get to know us on a more personal basis and will proactively engage with us, predicting and comprehending our individual patterns, serving our needs in advance of us having to ask.

5. Ethical AI controls for bias

Today, our algorithmic models are trained using data sets infused with human bias. This is unintentional but is a reality of human nature’s influence on technology. To mitigate ethical dilemmas of AI, bias must be minimized – accounting for these biases before they become mainstream. Who should be accountable? We believe that companies driving AI will invest in new organizations to shoulder this responsibility, to ensure the ethical use and sharing of data, and warrant bias-free models needed to protect consumers and society.

While some job roles will be substituted by machine, new ones will be created to support the technology shift. Artificial intelligence ethicists will be born to orchestrate unbiased programming of machines to make the right decisions with intentional and positive outcomes.

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To find out more, read our report, The Future of Artificial Intelligence in the Consumer Experience. This report includes key trends and driving indicators of AI and descriptions of startup companies helping shape the exciting consumer experiences of the future, made possible by artificial intelligence.

If you are in the Bay Area, you can further explore the report at a special event on Tuesday, November 14, at the RocketSpace offices in San Francisco, featuring speakers from RocketSpace and four AI startups. 

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