Stake your claim in the connected ecosystem

By 2025, digitization will change the way we live, travel and work. Where will you fit in? Now is the time to stake your claim in the connected ecosystem.

Stake your claim in the connected ecosystem

Head of Strategic Customer Engagement

Head of Strategic Customer Engagement

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Welcome to the digital world

According to The World Economic Forum (WEF), we are on the doorstep of the 4th Industrial Revolution. The WEF predicts a wide range of changes will occur to make Industry 4.0 a reality by 2025. Based on the what I see in my daily work, I believe most of those predictions will soon come true.

This as an exciting time, but not a time to be a bystander. IoT is happening today, and 5G will soon take IoT and digitalization to the next level. Now is the time to get your foot in the door of digitalization, no matter your industry.

The foundation for Industry 4.0 is being built today

My colleagues and I regularly meet with management teams of forward-thinking operators and industry leaders around the globe. We help these partners define strategies for IoT, and the evolution of 5G.

These emerging strategies are rapidly becoming best practices. Together with our partners, we are building the framework for connected ecosystems that will power Industry 4.0.

Beyond improving efficiency and reducing cost, digitalization and the Internet of Things (IoT) have wide human implications. From smart homes and power grids to connected transport systems, IoT is already making our personal lives safer, healthier and greener.

Collaborative ecosystems benefit everyone

To accelerate IoT progress, there is a need for collaboration across industries and business segments. Ericsson Connected Urban Transport is one of the “white-label” solutions we offer to enable holistic, cross-industry ecosystems. Powered by our IoT Accelerator, our solution now serves as the front door for Talking Traffic, the Netherlands’ nationwide intelligent traffic system (ITS).

Talking Traffic exemplifies the multitude of use cases possible in IoT ecosystems. The connected traffic ecosystem in the Netherlands includes public safety officials, the healthcare and insurance industries, smart power grids, and any number of service providers, including carparks, mechanics and ride sharing services.

Monetization provides incentive for innovation

Data from connected devices and infrastructure provides the foundation for new, monetized products and services. With an open and secure ecosystem, where collaboration and innovation are encouraged, the possibilities are limitless.

Our Enterprise and Cloud Billing (ECB) platform makes it easier to monetize a complex ecosystem of stakeholders, with multi-party billing and payment structures. ECB allows for fluidity as technology advances, markets evolve, and organizational structures transform.

A recent report from Frost and Sullivan entitled explores in detail how flexible monetization strategies are driving business in new directions.

5G at sea and under the earth - real industrial IoT use cases

Today, connected ecosystems like Talking Traffic communicate over 4G networks. As we move towards low latency 5G, real time data communications will facilitate innumerable IoT use cases.



Earlier this year, a collaboration led by network operator Telia, Intel and Ericsson made the Port of Tallinn, Estonia the first “real life” 5G environment in Europe. In this busy working port, our partners explored how to provide higher data connection speeds on land and aboard ships, for both passenger and industrial uses.

5G has amazing potential improve work performed in remote and potentially dangerous locations. In Tallinn, this was demonstrated by an excavator working in the port, remote controlled over the 5G network. A similar use case recently took place in a gold mine in the north of Sweden, where we engaged in a joint research project with Boliden, a leading Swedish mining and smelting company.

These projects demonstrate how low latency data communications assist in difficult tasks with a balance of automation and remote control by skilled humans. Remote control and automated equipment not only reduces cost and downtime, it leads to safer, healthier and more pleasant work conditions for workers.

Define your digitalization strategy today

So what do you want to be when the world grows up? You can’t wait until 2025 to answer, now is the time to clarify your vision and create a strategy. Your company must define who you are and where you are going, or you will get locked out from reaching your full potential.

My colleagues and I at Ericsson are supporting all types of partners as they capture their share of the connected ecosystem. No matter your industry, we can help you see the big picture and find where you fit in.

I will be speaking on  "Unleashed IoT connectivity - are you ready or not?" at the Telia IoT Symposium 2017 on Monday, November 13 at 9:45 CET.

Please check out the schedule for the event and then join us there!

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