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The role of billing systems in 5G business disruption

Telecom billing systems have a crucial role to play in powering 5G to drive business transformation. But this requires much more flexible and adaptable business logic than is typical today.

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New capabilities drive exciting new services like self-driving taxis

5G promises many innovations and exciting opportunities. The new capabilities such as reduced latency and high data rates will enable disruptions to all sorts of traditional industries. Self-driving taxis are an example of the exciting new services, which will make major changes to the lives of city dwellers and rural areas alike.

Telecom operators are looking forward to enabling these new services with their investments in 5G networks. But what about the back-office telecom business systems such as billing systems? What is the role of Business Support Systems (BSS) in this 5G business disruption?


Billing systems are key to delivering the 5G promise

There are at least two ways in which billing systems are key to delivering the promise of 5G business:

  1. Management of the commercial relationship with the partner who is offering these services, such as the taxi company in this example. This includes creating attractive partner offers, onboarding, partner management, charging and billing, and analytics.
  2. Providing services to partners to help them manage their relationship with their customers. This could range from simple capabilities such as providing location information or usage analytics, or it could be a more complete offering involving rating, charging, and billing for the partners' services.

In both of these cases, telecom billing systems are going to need to be much more flexible than they are today, and they will need to have adaptive business logic to enable rapid creation of completely new services, with new technologies.

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