AI, 5G and more! You need to read our top 10 posts of 2017

5G, AI, the internet of skills and, of course, race cars. These were just a few themes that resonated with the readers of the Big Ideas Blog in 2017. This seemed to be a year of both taking stock and looking ahead, as we debate the effects of technology on our daily lives and also start real discussions about the ethics, use cases and the true value of new technologies.

AI, 5G and more! You need to read our top 10 posts of 2017

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Here are our top 10 posts of the year:

10. 5G speeds up motorsports’ future

A number of new technologies are moving into the motorsport industry. 5G, the next generation of wireless technology, will be a game changer for motorsports teams, fans and organizers alike.

5G promises significantly higher speed and capacity, along with lower latency than existing mobile technology, making it a perfect match for motorsports with its own love for high track speeds. The technology gives us a glimpse on how motorsports can be connected in the future.

9. How telecom can blend intelligence and connectivity with AI

Artificial intelligence seems new, trendy, disruptive, threatening, world-changing – a great leap into the unknown.

But will people see it that way in, say, 200 years?  Or will it be a step grounded in history, limitations and practical applications?

8. Börje Ekholm’s reflection on his first day as Ericsson CEO

Today marks an important day in my career as I join Ericsson, a company I have admired for as long as I can remember. Now we are taking the next exciting step when developing 5G, a technology that will also change industries and the very fabric of how we work and operate as societies.

7. Taking artificial intelligence to the ethical edge at Futurecast

When it comes to artificial intelligence, do you look into a black mirror or a white one?

Tim Chang of the Mayfield Fund made this reference at an  AT&T Futurecast at the AT&T Foundry.  Black mirror refers to the British science fiction television show that delves into the potentially dark sides of technology, while white mirror would signify the opposite, a more hopeful scenario.

6. Virtual Reality comes of age with the Internet of Skills

Our Internet of Skills demo centers around a 5G medical use case, where visitors slip on a VR headset and a haptic glove to become doctors performing surgery on remote patients. The glove controls a robotic finger on the patient-side and can identify cancer tissue and send information back to the surgeon as haptic feedback.

5. It’s all green flags for 5G at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

At the 101st running of the Indianapolis 500, 5G accelerated into reality. But would you want to race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with all your windows blacked out?

4. Sharing experiences beyond the stadium

It’s exciting to see the progress we are making at Ericsson in launching connected stadiums to enhance the digital experience for fans at major sporting events all over the world, including our official new connectivity partnership with Chelsea Football Club in London.

3. The smartphone is dying – again!

Obviously, the smartphone will die eventually. But when? Will it take 50 years – or less? In research we did back in 2015 and published in our 10 Hot Consumer Trends 2016 report, half of smartphone owners thought the smartphone could be a thing of the past in only five years.

2. Mobile World Congress 2017: That’s a wrap!

Robotic datacenter walls, 5G connected cars and lots on sustainability.  Get ready for Mobile World Congress 2018 by revisiting our Mobile World Congress 2017 content with lots of images, videos and fun facts.

1. What happens when we can’t understand how AI works?

Are you ready to trust artificial intelligence if you personally don’t understand how it works? How about an artificial intelligence that no one understands? One that was designed by a machine and is essentially alien?

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