BSS software—why should you update?

As those of you who work in IT will surely recognize, the mere fact that you “work with computers” means that you instantly become the whole family’s go-to person for any type of tech support. I am no exception. I am assumed to know exactly why my wife’s favorite web page is slow or why my father-in-law can’t watch on-demand news. Reflecting on all “support calls” over the years I think the single most common call is the one that goes; “There is a message saying that an update is available and asking me to install it. Should I?”

Putting myself in their shoes, it’s actually not an easy question to answer, not knowing what will happen if I proceed, not understanding the risks, and the message coming from someone they don’t know nor trust. Worth thinking about for anyone intending to roll out software updates to the masses.


Evergreen BSS software

“Should I install this update?” This is in fact a growing issue as the whole BSS/IT industry is pushing towards evergreen software, i.e. software that is always up-to-date.

There are good reasons for evergreen software. From the customer or user’s point of view it means having the latest or newest software at low effort and cost. If well managed it also means higher quality as these updates roll out security patches and other bug fixes.

From the software vendor’s point of view, it simplifies the support landscape, increases opportunity to up-sell, and staves off competitors as your users will always have the best you can offer (rather than comparing competitors’ new offerings to what you sold them years ago).


All is not roses, there are challenges as well

The reason my father-in-law calls me about every possible update is that he needs help to understand the impact of the update. For example, if it would change anything (like the UI of the web browser) and can he can get some training (by me) on how to use the new SW. He wants reassurance that it is not spyware or a virus he’s installing. And he needs to hear from someone he trusts that it’s recommended to proceed.

These are the sorts of questions any business will ask themselves as well when faced with an update to business-critical applications.

Asking ourselves these types of questions has formed how we at Ericsson approach Digital BSS and our vision for evergreen BSS software.

We know that BSS software is complex and comes with a potential impact on your business. That’s why we promise that we will do our best to help you. Specifically, we will:

  • Document the content of updates thoroughly, so you know what to expect.
  • Make sure updates are cumulative so that even if you missed one (or two), just take the latest one and you are back on track.
  • Test our updates thoroughly so that you don’t have to.
  • Not force you to take all updates. In the end, it is your business so it must be your call.

By doing all of this we hope to also earn your trust, which in the end is what matters most for both of us to succeed.


Taking the leap to Revenue Manager

Going from today’s bare-metal systems to the cloud native Revenue Manager shouldn’t scare you.

Most of the things that you were annoyed about with the current system will go away like the in-efficiency in scaling and the management of all the nodes one by one. Meanwhile all the things that you liked will remain, like the stability, robustness, feature richness and high capacity.

All the years and experiences we have put into Charging System is injected into Revenue Manager. It’s the same people that have been given a chance not only to excel what was already great about Charging System but also to improve all those things that they have been wanting to do all these years but never had the chance to do.

I remember a quote a few years back from a CTO saying: “I always sleep bad at night worrying about all the things that can go wrong, the only thing that make me sleep at night is Charging System. It always runs and never gives me trouble”. That is the best rating any BSS software can ever get. No trouble, it just supports my business, plain and simple.

I’m looking forward to hearing something similar from a CTO/CIO, but referring to Revenue Manager. All the hard work Ericsson has put into this product will make it happen, because it is truly a remarkable piece of software and I don’t see how anybody could fear taking it on.

  • Seize the opportunity!
  • Be part of something truly special!
  • It’s the smart career path!

Want to know more? Watch Yogesh Malik CTO VEON talking about their Digital Stack program which is based on Ericsson Revenue Manager, and how Digital in Telco is about re-defining their engagement with the end consumer:


Markus Persson
Markus Persson has worked with the strategic direction of Ericsson’s OSS/BSS portfolio for more than 10 years, both as a driver within Ericsson and externally influencing the market through industry events.
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