End World Hunger. From Ericsson Innovation Awards: Girls Who Innovate

We’re featuring blogs from winners of the EIA: Girls Who Innovate Competition, which challenged girls around the world to propose solutions around the growth, production, distribution and consumption of food.

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Today we’re featuring a blog from Muskan, a middle school student who took 1st place in the 11 to 13 year old division.

The Green Goodness

The world has 195 countries. Millions of people live in these countries. And, hundreds of millions of people are hungry, according to World Hunger Organization. To get healthy food, we have to overcome droughts and bacteria-filled water, hurricanes and tornadoes, and so much more that can impact the process of eating healthy food. But not anymore, because everyone deserves to feel full and satisfied. I have come up with an idea that will change the way everybody lives. It makes farming easier and hunger a distant memory of the past.

The first step to beating hunger is Green-Goodness. The Green-Goodness is a smart box capable of growing plants, fruits, and vegetables inside of it. It opens up into a sensible size of 6 ft. x 4 ft. x 2 ft. The buyers of the Green-Goodness are provided with organic fertilizer, conditioned soil, and a variety of seeds. Sensors in the box will measure the plants’ health and growth. That data will be shown on a screen outside of the box that will help the buyer understand what needs to be done in order to keep the plant growing.

Then, it is time for the Polli-farmers. They are an “army” of mini drones that collect pollen and cross pollinate crops of flowers and fruits in farms. This shortens the dependency we lay on the population of bees and guarantees cross-pollination for every single plant and speeds up the pollination process.

The Polli-Farmers

Many bodies of water are unusable for irrigation due to harmful organisms being inhabitants in them. The Bacteria Bomb can turn this water irrigable and then we can take advantage and use it to grow more healthy food. The idea is to draw infected water into a retention pond. Smart sensors in the pond will identify types of bacteria presence in the water and dispense the treatment via sprayers across the pond. Once sensors detect water is safe for irrigation, it releases water to channels towards crop fields.

The Bacteria Bomb

World Hunger is not going to be an easy problem to overcome. But with the help of technology and all of us together, and us having one goal that we are striving to achieve, we can and we will make World Hunger a thing of the past.

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