What is the future of truth? Global innovation competition looks for answers

On December 9 people from all over the world gathered at the Nobel Week Dialogue in Gothenburg, Sweden to discuss one of the hottest topics of the past two years: The Future of Truth. The theme also inspired the 2018 Ericsson Innovation Awards (EIA) student competition. This year’s regional winners were announced to the backdrop of the buzz of the Nobel Dialogue.


What is the Ericsson Innovation Awards competition?

A global competition, the Ericsson Innovation Awards invites university students to propose ICT solutions to timely challenges. For the second season, we have partnered with Nobel Media on the theme, asking students to define how we will find, validate or share truth in the age of ICT. This year’s competition garnered a record 1,444 teams from 107 countries and over 500 universities.

For the first time, the Ericsson Innovation Awards includes a regional competition before moving into the global semi-finals. Each regional winning team will win a EUR 1,000 cash prize. The will automatically move forward to the semi-finals and will receive two months of mentorship from Ericsson experts as they turn their ideas into viable technical solutions. They will compete against all 15 semi-finalist teams in the hope of becoming one of the final four teams to travel to Stockholm to present their project at the Nobel Museum on May 17, 2018.

Congratulations to our Regional Winners!

Alfred: Your AI-Powered Personal Information Concierge
Stanford University, US
Alfred is an AI-powered personal assistant that can automatically flag suspect information, recommend content outside of your echo chamber, and help sift through the digital noise for quality content. Alfred is more than just a fact checker, and will recommend reliable sources, offer alternative opinions and confirm the biases of sources.

Europe & the Mediterranean
Bot Busters
University of Murcia, Spain and University of the Aegean, Greece
Social Bots are often used to manipulate public opinion and amplify the impact of fake news. Bot Busters’ system highlights evidence of social bot activities via 5G massive data and several other new technologies. This will enable us to trace misleading campaigns back to the principle actor and will enable organizations to defend themselves.

Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India
RehaBrain is seeking to understand an elusive scientific truth: that of the neuroplasticity of the human brain after trauma. Their low-cost, portable neurorehabilitation device will help doctors understand the truth behind human brain complexity.

Middle East & Africa
Ecole Supérieure Polytechnique de Dakar, and Université de Ziguinchor, Senegal
OwnLabs wants to help students experience science and gain a deeper understanding of scientific truths through experimentation – something that is difficult due to a lack of school laboratories in Africa. They will be able to offer virtual labs in physics, chemistry and biology using software and an inexpensive device.

Northeast Asia
Waseda GIPS Team
Waseda University, Japan
The Waseda GIPS Team is combating fake news with Truther: a lightweight app and browser plug-in that can verify social posts and articles via a rating system.

Southeast Asia & Oceania
Nexus Associates
University of Melbourne, Australia
Nexus Associates know that information is often lost due to an inability to retrieve it efficiently, resulting in quick decisions being made without all the facts. Their innovative blockchain network explores a new way to categorize and search for information, allowing companies, governments and consumers to make well informed decisions faster.

KTH and Stockholm University, Sweden
SETH seeks to validate information online through source criticism. Their interface can quickly check multiple sources, allowing users to verify news, rumors and posted information efficiently without the need for hours of research.

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The Ericsson Innovation Awards journey is only beginning for our Regional Winners, who will soon be joined by eight more semi-finalist teams. Follow the Ericsson Innovation Awards on Facebook to learn more about these ideas, cheer on your favorite teams, and weigh in on how ICT can influence the Future of Truth.

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